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Naturopathic versus Allopathic Medicine

These two areas of medicine are both very great. They both have crucial roles to play in contemporary medicine. However, there are differences between the two that may make them distinct. It is such differences that sometimes influence a patient’s choice regarding the one that they may want to have when they are suffering from a condition. For instance, medical doctors subscribe to the belief that since the body is a portion of evolution, and that some of its organs are remnants of evolution meaning that even if the body parts are removed, there will be no substantial loss.

On the other hand, naturopaths believe in the holistic approach. They claim that the body was created to perfection by the divine and that all the organs are therefore connected. Consequently, the body parts are essential for the health of the body.

In allopathic medicine, the physicians treat the symptoms of a disease. In their world, the management of disease conditions entails the use of surgery, chemical drugs, psychotropic drugs, poisonous radiation and psychiatry.

Naturopathic medicine gives the saying ‘prevention is the best form of treatment’ its meaning. Herein, the identification of the causes of multifarious conditions and using detoxification to eliminate them and at the same time ensuring that balance exists in the nutritional is what is considered treatment. Things such as herbs, natural foods and dietary supplements, which have no undesired effe4cts, are the ones that naturopathic medicine emphasizes on for treating diseases.

The other difference between these two areas of medicine is affordability. There so many red tapes on allopathic medicine such as patents, regulated prices, and special facilities that are regulated by government, which make it out of reach of many people. Further, the drugs that are used here are very expensive since they have to be manufactured from the lab.

The naturopathic medicine is quite affordable to many. Since it involves the use of natural herbs and use, there can never be patenting of rights. As a matter of fact, it advocates for a type of treatment that one can do by themselves. Additionally, the facilities that they utilize are not that expensive while their desire to heal someone overrides everything else including money. A lot of the medicines that naturopathic medicine uses are grown and sometimes formulated at home.

There is also the issue of double-blind studies on people. Allopathic medicine emphasizes on this. In fact, almost half the patients here are given sugar pills irrespective of whether they will benefit from it or not. The corporate pharmaceuticals do research on animal that normally involves a lot of money. They then use this to treat human beings.

In naturopathic medicine, research is neither done on people nor animals. It more often than not endeavors to provide healing to a person. In this medicine, there are no sugar pills. The physicians here also do not believe in double studies.

How Naturopathic Medicine Heals

Naturopathic medicine is an area of medicine where people believe that nature possesses certain healing power. According to it, the body possesses an inherent capacity to cure itself. The personnel in this field are only responsible for the facilitation of the healing process. Naturopathic doctors deal with the primary causes of conditions rather than simply treating the symptoms. This is informed by the fact that symptoms are just but an indication that the body does not have the necessary balance. This may be caused by emotional, mental and physical issues. Therefore, treating the cause of a disease and not just the symptoms is very crucial.

Education and Licensing

Naturopathic Doctors undergo an intensive four year program from an accredited medical school. The requirements for this course are equivalent to those of the conventional medicine. Before they graduate, naturopathic doctors have to learn medical sciences such as pediatrics, biochemistry, immunology, and cardiology in addition to others. Also, they have to do a lot of reading on natural therapeutics, which is what they specialize on.

In order to be allowed to operate, a naturopath must possess a license. In places where naturopathy is protected, the physicians have to excel in the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations, which is given out by North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE). This is after they successful graduate from the schools.

Various Naturopathic Treatments

a.     Diet

When it comes to naturopathic treatment, diet is the most essential aspect of it. A diet that is nutritious offers a lot of healing potential. It offers the very fundamental nutrients to the body thus the recuperating organs. A proper diet is important since it enables one to live healthily minus the need for extra medicine.  So, it allows one to avoid a lot of diseases conditions.

The naturopathy diet essentially consists of wholesome cereals, vegetables and fruits. Their fibre aid the body to prevent gastritis, diabetes, cancer etc. Naturopaths also recommend different fruit juices. This is because it is among the few excellent way of eating natural foods. These juices are recommended in relation to a patient and the condition.

b.     Supplements

Supplements are to a physician what pharmaceuticals are to the conventional doctors. They are given at therapeutic doses too. The doctors do not just prescribe the supplements for no reason or at a level below the therapeutic one. This is in tandem to the naturopathic medicine philosophy of holistically healing the body with nominal exogenous material. Majority of these supplements have been proven to be safe, which is why naturopathic medicine is bend on utilizing them. Normally, they start with less potent supplements and assess if they can contain the situation. If not, they move onto the next batch of supplements.

c.     Botanical Medicine (Herbs)

Naturopaths utilize natural plant cures to treat a lot of diseases. Disease conditions can only set in when the body loses balance. Naturopaths prescribe appropriate herbal mixes that lead to the rebalancing of processes that led to the disease. Therefore, the survival of the disease becomes impossible. Herbal medicines have been in use for a long period of time. So, the naturopaths are using something that has been proven to work. The natural treatment regimen takes twelve weeks but three visits in the same period. It is also crucial since it is the causes that are targete4d and not the symptoms.

d.     TCM and Ayurvedic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and naturopathic medicine are at times used interchangeably. TCM, just like the name suggests is the Chinese medicine that has been in practice for centuries. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine is the one that Indians have been using. The three are connected because they all believe in the holistic treatment of the body. They also use the ‘traditional’ methods of treatment unlike the conventional medicine. Further, naturopathy uses the concepts behind Ayurvedic and TCM to treat the cause of a disease and not just the symptoms. So in a way, all of these three medicines are related.

e.     Complimentary Modalities

Naturopathy medicine uses complimentary modalities such as acupuncture and massage. A naturopath incorporates these other modalities into a treatment regimen if they consider them effective. Furthermore, the modalities such as acupuncture are considered less invasive and less painful. In fact, these modalities help naturopathic physicians to treat the cause of a disease and not just the symptoms. Homeopathy is also used since it aids the body to initiate its natural healing process. In other words, naturopathic medicine employs anything that will help to heal the whole body system since this is the ultimate objective of naturopathy-to cure the entire body.

f.      Mind and Spirit

The power of mind and spirit in treatment of various conditions has never been more important. It is normally used in naturopathy to especially treat addictive conditions. It is a funny way of treating such conditions but it works. Exercises such as meditation and treatments such as counseling are very important. Since you are not consuming anything, these methods of treatment are very safe for people. The mind also connects almost everything that occurs in the body and so naturopathy takes advantage of that in order to treat certain conditions. Also, people who do meditation believe that it connects them to the divine, and this is a very important aspect of naturopathic medicine.

From the foregoing, naturopathic medicine is an area that is well established. It basically believes in the holistic treatment of the body. According to the disciples of this field of medicine, treatment ought to identify and treat disease conditions. Also, there are various ways that a naturopath can treat a patient. In addition, there are complementary alternatives to naturopathic medicine and they all share the same principle of holistic approach to treatment. Moreover, all of these therapies are non-invasive and therefore painless. Since there are no exogenous toxic materials ingested, this field of medicine is the safest. Therefore, people should not be afraid to seek treatment from one of these guys because of misconceptions. They may just be able to heal you without any pain.